September 29, 2014

Thanks for sending pictures of the cousins who are having babies!! Hope things keep going well/improve with some of them. I was pretty stoked to see Tansy and Mason’s cross country and Tansy’s homecoming pics too, makes me miss high school! (just a little).
I don’t have a whole lot of time right now but I’ll send some pictures of the last little while and I PROMISE I won’t be as lame as last week.
I have had a lot of support and help lately, so thanks to all of you!! I replied to as many as I could today but know that I love you all!!
– Sis. Victoria Hale
1: some kitties magically appeared on our doorstep one morning…
2: sista G’s birthday party
3: don’t worry papa I still have toast and cocoa
4: our new huge district
5: Greta Hansen and I are in the same district now!!!
6: Using kittens to find new investigators…genius
7: Lora Paige, our investigator Samantha’s daughter, who is way more excited about the Book of Mormon than Samantha haha
8:  Cove Lake
9 & 10: Weekly planning
11: Watching the women’s broadcast at the church with our most progressing investigator, Andrea

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