November 10, 2014


Somehow I spent most of my emailing time writing up a reply to Cormac and now I have t-minus 5 minutes to write everything!!!

First off, I feel a lot better about winter happening now…Bro and Sister Elam from the branch took us to Knoxville and I got a super warm coat!! maybe too warm…but it’s supposed to get into the single digits next week (why??) so I’m prepared.

Our investigator Anna has a baptismal date!! For November 29th. She continues to read the Book of Mormon like crazy and is super amazed by it. Also she thought the Word of Wisdom meant we were all vegetarians and she was even willing to jump on the vegan train, haha. She just needs to cut down on her smoking, right now she is doing 12 a day (cigs, not packs), and she’s willing to try it.

Our investigator Andrea got back with her boyfriend a few weeks ago (nooooo) and was doggin us like crazy, but we found his address and finally got to talk to her!! She will probably continue to avoid us though…sad day. She was doing so good!

Speaking of cigarettes, I am super mad that addictions exist!! We talked to an awesome less active couple yesterday, and the lady joined the church a year ago but stopped coming, and part of it is because she fell back into smoking and feels unclean. I love our Branch President and the way he views everyone. An addiction doesn’t have to mean unclean.

Speaking of so-called “less actives,” I’ve learned a lot about these people. At the beginning of the mission, I thought “How in the world is there a less than 10% activity rate for recent converts? That’s just horrible!! The church can’t be true!!” haha. But I have learned a lot just being in so many people’s homes, where they often suprise me with their testimonies and experiences and the way they live their lives. We want them to join us at church because there is strength in numbers and blessings to be had by all (like the Sacrament), but it’s also humbling to see that their lives are still greatly influenced by their testimonies of the restored gospel. Right now, our branch is making goals to become a ward, and I am excited to see the part each “type” of member will play in that goal.

Okay I will try to be better at writing more next week. Pray every day! Happy Veteran’s Day tomorrow and Happy Jillian’s Birthday on the 13th!! (also I’m almost 22!!!)

– Sister Hale

p.s. a little Tennessee vernacular for you

“It’s pert-neer Thanksgivin!” – President Smith
“The whole nine yards!” – Bro Bilyeu (old people phrase or hillbilly phrase?) (what does it mean??)

Sister Victoria Hale

Tennessee Knoxville Mission

11320 Station West Drive Suite 101

Farragut, TN 37934


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