December 22, 2014…..merry merry merry Christmas!


This will be short today! Because nothing happened this week! haha.

I got sick on Wednesday and we were out for 2 days, I don’t really remember Thursday happening, but we were well enough on Friday to go to Christmas Zone Conference, which was a really fun day. We had some training and did skits by district and then everyone played dodgeball while I sat in the sick corner and last but not least we got to watch a movie!!!! A real one!!! (well kinda real….Frozen!!!) President and Sister Griffin also had some TKM hoodies made for all of us.

We have a good week ahead of us, full of park days and macaroni because we’re out of miles and money. haha. But really, we are excited for Christmas and have places to be on Christmas Eve and Christmas and it hasn’t been as hard to teach during this time of year as expected.

K fambam, I will talk to you on Thursday. Love you all! 🙂

– Sister Hale


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