January 12, 2015


I will probably end up sending mostly pictures and less news this week!

I am really sad to hear about Uncle Kirby passing away. He was fun and friendly and funny whenever they were in town. I sure love aunt Lucille and hope all goes well with her coming back from Peru. Love love that family, wish I could hug her and all the cousins.
Last Monday was way fun, we were able to go to Harrison Bay to the church gym with the other missionaries! Got to play basketball!!!! It was so fun, best P-day since the last time I played basketball on a P-day. We rode up with the Elders, and Elder G Smith did something to his knees so we ended up in the ER till 9:30 that night. He’s okay, he has a brace and crutches for a couple weeks but he doesn’t have to go home or anything.
We have so many investigators who are so close to progressing, if they’d just come to church. Beecher came to church yesterday though!! He is 68 and is in Ether in the Book of Mormon, he reads like 100 pages between our lessons.
I also heard that June-bug and Una from La Follette (found them at McDonald’s) had a lesson with President Smith there. And they said they will come to church if he can find someone to teach his Sunday School class! I am way pumped to see what happens with them.
Love you all! everyone stay warm and drive safe!

1IMG_0610 IMG_0622 IMG_0624

I look really sad that this possum is dead but mostly I was super grossed out


IMG_0598 IMG_0577IMG_0549


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