January 20, 2015 I MADE IT 6 MONTHS!!!! be proud.


This week was very eventful I think so I will try to write fast so I can share some good stories!

I forgot to mention that Kay Hebert was getting baptized on the 17th, but don’t worry it didn’t happen. BUT it will happen sometime in February! Her husband is a member and they are in their late 50s I think. I’ll keep ya updated on what happens there!

Kind of the highlight of my week was dropping in on Kathy Walters, a previous investigator from before I came. When we told her that the Elders are teaching her grandsons Zach and Seth, she just started weeping. She has been praying for Seth (he’s 13) because he’s been through a lot as a kid and is really struggling. She has been stressing over how he doesn’t have good father figures in his life. I asked her why she quit meeting with the Sisters and she said she was afraid to read something that wasn’t the Bible. We talked about that for a bit and we told her she needs to find out if the Book of Mormon is true, because if it is, it will change Seth’s life and hers and will be the answer to her prayers. So will she finally read and pray about it? Yes, she said. We asked if she got that answer, if she would be baptized with Seth, and she said yes. She kept crying and holding my hand and then we all prayed together. She prayed the most heartfelt and grateful prayer I think I’ve ever heard. She thanked God for answering her prayers and prayed that Seth could have the right people in his life who will tell him he’s worth something and that he’s a child of God. She said she was really touched we keep coming back, that no other people pay attention or get her address or check up on her when she stops going to church. It made me really grateful for the programs and outreach effort of the Church… home teaching, visiting teaching, missionary work, callings…we do our best to keep track of and love each other.

Friday night was an absolute blast. We have ward pie night every 3rd Friday of the month and this time Sister Mickelson and I performed together! She is a champ jump-roper so she did a routine to Georgia Porcupine on the piano. Afterwards she got the kids doing tricks and then I got a game of Pig going with basketball BUT Bishop Laing beat me so we need to rematch sometime.

We attended a little bit of an institute class this week and they were discussing "pondering"….that it is different from daydreaming, it’s a focused and deliberate choice, and goes along with having a prayer in your heart/praying always. What we are working towards is always acting/thinking in harmony with God’s will, to never think evil, to always seek good.

Yesterday we went up to Bald River Falls with Sister Duggan and the Elders! It was fun to go on a little hike.

We were in Vonore last night and both appointments fell through…we ended up finding an exmormon! I was really excited. Her name is Mary and we found that she’s been Baptist for 17 years. I left her with a Conference Ensign and showed her who the current prophet is (Thomas S Monson) and left her with a talk to look at. She didn’t open up too much to us but she let us right in and was very kind, so we’ll go back in a few weeks. I want to hear her story.

I have been studying Quakerism and it is just really neat. They have a very similar doctrine and history to us (George Fox is kinda their Joseph Smith?). We are teaching the Schaffer’s again tonight, they are the Quaker couple that we see every other week.

I really can’t believe I’ve been half a year in Tennessee. Blows. my. mind. Really don’t know what to think about that except that I’m grateful I’ve lived through it and I’m grateful for all the miracles that keep me going. "The bad days outnumber the good days but the good days outweigh the bad."….that’s from my super smart trainer Sister Godlewski and it’s true, but also true that there starts being more and more good days as you really strive to have a good attitude and love and serve wholeheartedly.

I love you all!! 🙂

– Sister Hale

Quote of the week! … Sister Mickelson to Jasper: "You’ll set up a date to get your tattoo but not to get baptized??"


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