February 2, 2015


This week was joy and happiness!! No matter how well I do at writing about it or how good you are at reading, you will probably not get the taste I want you to get. Also y’all sent me really long emails this week, which is awesome, but which also means I won’t do too well writing about it. but I’ll try!

Mostly, yesterday was just wonderful. But before that, throughout the week we have had some landmark lessons with our progressing investigators. Bro Hebert joined in Kay’s lesson and it helped so much, she trusts his testimony so much and they are really growing together as he prepares to baptize her in the next month or two.

Friday was wonderful. We have been planning a lesson with Jen and Joe, Joe’s a returning member and Jen is taking the lessons…so we’ve been planning on seeing them with Bro. and Sister Ward for WEEKS but it always falls through. This time, we got to the house and Joe’s car was gone…great…but then we had such an amazing lesson with Jen. She was really going through a rough time, and the Wards were so wonderful building her up and testifying of the plan of salvation. Bro Ward gave her a blessing and it was wonderful. I tell you, when we walked in that door I saw a completely different countenance than when we left. There was such a spirit of love in that room, and that girl was shining. I have never seen her filled with that much peace and light.

Right after that lesson, we took Bishop Laing and Sister Laing to a lesson with the Mendiolas. It was AWESOME.

All this is leading to yesterday when we had 8 investigators at church!! Never had more than 2 or 3. Jen and Joe and their 6 year old Marcus came, the Heberts came, and yep the Mendiolas finally came!!! 6 of them!!!! They came to all 3 hours, too!!! There is Joel Sr. and Kathy and their kids Andrea (15) Sara (13) and Joel (11) and their niece Brandi (19). Testimony meeting was dynamite, several people told their conversion stories, starting with Bishop. Then Joel gets up there and bears his testimony. He is the coolest 11 year old I know! Later he said the Spirit kept telling him he had to get up there and he was scared, but as he walked up he felt peace come over him and that the Spirit helped him. He told a story and told everyone they have to stay on the right path and God will guide them. Awesome. We went over last night to see how they liked it. We were nervous with the dad because he’s only joined lessons a couple times, but he loved it and said he felt really good there and that he cried. The girls loved it, Sara said as they learned about their bodies being temples that she really felt the Spirit and that she was clean like a temple building. Sis Mendiola had us sing "O my Father" to her, and just cried and said that everything means so much to her. She is a special lady, a blind mom of 5. It was so wonderful to see how the ward just took the family in their arms. This ward is awesome at team ups so they had SEVERAL friends when they got there. If i ever had to write a book called "how to be an awesome team-up" I would just write about the Athens ward.

Ok gotta go. love you all. God is good!

– Sister Hale

victoria. hale @ myldsmail. net

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