February 9, 2015


Update on the Mendiolas! They made it to church again!! The ward just loves them and feel like they just belong. Sister Mendiola has had some awesome breakthroughs this week. She called us one morning and was reading (or rather, listening to…she’s blind) the story about Nephi getting tied up by his brothers and she had been listening all morning to the Book of Mormon and just kept going on about how she is just so amazed and filled with hope and joy to think that the gospel has been restored and that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. She said it hasn’t clicked completely but she feels like it’s coming soon. She also threw this in… “Joel is making pancakes, I think it’s nice for him to know how to cook, now if he goes on a mission he’ll be able to make himself pancakes.” ahh!!! She also says we just need to tell the people we teach to read the Bible and then they’ll understand the Book of Mormon. haha. We have Kathy, Joel Sr. (you said it with an h), Joel (12) (you say it with a j), Sara (13), Andrea (16), and their cousin Brandi (19) all progressing really well. We had a lesson with them last night about each of them getting their own answer. Also they probably watched a lot of anti-videos last night because they had one pulled up when we got there, so that will be fun, but I’m not super worried…I think we prepped them pretty well, and they have already had some really good experiences. We just love them a lot.

There are a ton of good articles in the February ensign! Pull that thing out. There’s a couple on helping ward members/families with disabilities and making everyone feel included and part of the ward family. That is so important. Our 84 year old Caroline was almost in tears yesterday because she couldn’t hear anything in Relief Society. Learning about Kathy’s blindness helped her a little I think…but we all need to be aware of helping everyone be able to learn and feel comfortable!

We went to a Baptist church last night! Sis Mickelson hadn’t ever been to one so she didn’t know how to handle the intensity, haha. I just love being there, especially for the music. We went with a lady named Davette, she is the sweetest lady and she is married to someone completely opposite to her, like COMPLETELY, she goes to church all week and is a nurse and really hardworking and he hunts and fishes and sits around all day. He is really funny, we try to give him a hard time…my goal with them is to get him to go to church with her! (even if it is their church!) She wants him to come so bad. It is just amazing to see the difference in their countenances. Hope we get him there!

Okey doke, have a wonderful week! 🙂

– Sister Victoria Hale

1: Mendiola and Hansen family

2: sistas

3,4,5: Bald River Falls

IMG_0828 IMG_0604 IMG_0762IMG_0761 .



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