February 23, 2015


This week was similarly cold and wonderful. We found out that Sister Mickelson will be leaving Athens to be a Sister Training Leader on Wednesday and I will be getting a brand new missionary! young and impressionable. I have been waiting for a chance to turn our designated Mormon.org hour into Youtube hour and ……. Jk jk, I am actually feeling very much the areas I need to improve and work harder on, and it is very humbling. I got a blessing from Brother Ward after church and it was perfect for where I’m at. My big weakness as a missionary/in life is that I’m always anxious to get on with the next stage, to go back to school, but I’m here and I need to appreciate where I’m at. The blessing was specific on 2 things I need to do… “You have only to be obedient to the commandments and to let time rest still where it is, so you can listen to what the Lord has to teach you.” I have also found a lot of help in the Doctrine and Covenants. There is so much good stuff for missionaries in there! It’s always talking about those who are called to the work or the ministry, and how they need to purify themselves and repent and walk in obedience and study and be diligent, and then they will be filled with love, their words will be guided, they will be perfected in their ministry, God’s grace will attend them, all sorts of blessings that missionaries really and truly need. I am excited for the new missionary to come to this area, there are a ton of good things in store for her, I know that because I have been so blessed being here as well. I am so grateful for investigators and members alike, they are all awesome. So many of the ladies who go out to teach with us regularly crack me up entirely and just make each day so fun. Missionaries need team-ups not just for their investigators but for their own sanity!

Okey dokey that’s about it, love you all!

– Sister Victoria Hale

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