March 30, 2015


It’s getting harder to write weekly emails… sorry they are getting shorter and shorter! I get used to the mish grind and stop thinking things are exciting so then I feel like I have nothing to write about…but really I do so I need to just revamp my enthusiasm or something!

Here is an exciting story! We were leaving to go to Kay Hebert’s lesson and I felt like we should go back and get our The District 2 dvd so we turned around and got it…and then we showed her a clip of it at the end of the lesson. (The District is like missionary reality tv / training videos for us). We showed her the video of the Robles Family, which shows their progression and being taught and then their baptism in like 5 minutes, and at the end Kay was in tears and said she really needed that, and now she’s more determined to get baptized on the 18th of April. Her big roadblock is nightshift work…which makes it hard to come to church. But she and Danny (he’s a member) came to Sacrament Meeting yesterday so that’s good!

We got back in with the Mendiola family, too! They haven’t started coming back to church yet, but Kathy requested that we come and do a study with her kids, so that is a big step forward.

Y’all probably don’t remember Jerry Ogle, but we found him a couple months ago. He calls us "My Mormons!" and "My Sisters!" and he is an awesome grandpa-type investigator, but he’s really hard to see regularly. We went over to his house this week and he wasn’t there, but we got to talk to his wife, who is ill and house bound. It was awesome getting to talk to her before he got there, she warmed up a lot and it reminded me that I’m here to help people and serve them. My mission is teaching me to visit the lonely. It is so sad when people don’t get to talk to anyone all day because they’re all cooped up! We can’t forget the people who are lonely.

Thought from women’s General Conference on saturday….find quiet moments to learn and pray and ponder. Set aside a time every day to pray…study things out in your mind and especially pray about the things that burden you or take away from your peace.

Love you all! I will miss getting with the Hale family and hope you have a good time celebrating Grandma’s life. Talk to you later 🙂

– Sister Hale

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March 23, 2015


This week our ward had a baptism!! Halie Cartwright (21) and a younger girl. Halie is awesome, the Elders taught her but we’ve been able to help a little and see how she’s grown….she says she wasn’t ever taught that God loves her and I think that is the biggest thing she has felt while studying with the missionaries. She started coming to church a little over a month ago and it’s been hard on her family but they’ve softened a bit since then, and Halie felt ready so she just went forward. Bishop Laing got baptized when he was young, and he is really adamant that the family understands that their kid joining the church should not be bringing them apart…that it is something that will bring their kid closer to them, will build their character and their love and service to their family, and if it’s having the opposite effect, to let the bishop know so that they can figure out what needs to change. I hope her family will see the positive things that have already come to her. The Rullmann family in the ward has really helped her, it’s awesome when members get to take part in teaching someone.

Talk to ya later!

– Sister Hale

March 17, 2015


Same good news as Jillian, it’s warm enough to get a sunburn!!!!!!

Woo for Tansy making it to BPA nationals!!! I wasn’t ever smart enough to do that. Also she probably works harder than me haha.

This week had a lot of sunshine and funner times. So I’m gonna talk about myself instead of people I teach for a minute. Today is P-day because yesterday was Zone Training…afterwards it was so beautiful outside and we got to play Ultimate Frisbee with the zone and a few of us went to Dairy Queen and I got a georgia mud fudge blizzard!! (haven’t had one of those since last summer) and it just was so warm and nice to be with people my age, and it felt like last summer in Provo when all I did was play ultimate frisbee and go biking and hiking and running and swimming and rollerblading and DQ and Swig and rock climbing and any fun thing whenever I wasn’t at work. So nice to not have to worry about life and just have fun. So I was kinda missing all that but then I remembered how eager I was back then to come out here and start worrying about other people instead of just myself. SO I am glad I get to have fun occasionally but I’m more glad that I’m able to be here and be with so many people who really need the help and hope of the gospel, or even just someone to talk to. I’m glad I have to focus on others more than myself for a while.

Basically I’ve been reflecting a lot on where I was last year and where I am right now. I am so grateful that during the times I’ve had huge questions and doubts with the church and my testimony that I’ve had good people and friends around me. I am also grateful for the decision I made to keep doing good things, even when I doubted the Church and God. During the time I thought the Church was completely false and even doubted God’s existence, I had some choices to make. No true church meant a lot of things….it meant I had been making a lot of choices and living by guidelines that I no longer considered to be “divinely inspired,” which meant I had a ton of new options and choices to make. Soon I learned that I still wanted the many of the same things regardless of my religious beliefs or lack thereof….I want to be good, I want to do good, I want to improve myself and find new worthy goals outside of the church since I couldn’t see myself staying in it. I am so grateful for those decisions I made because I think they really led me back to where I needed to be.

Just a thought on my missionary work and service. Many of our investigators are just not progressing, even the ones with the dates. I have a bigger determination to get them up and going though, I think I figured out what it means to have a “vision to baptize”….I used to think that meant I should want lots of people to get baptized, but I didn’t care about that a whole lot, as long as I was doing my best my mission would be a success. But now I think of all the work I’ve done the past 8 months, and yeah it’s awesome that I’m growing and changing, but I want that work to impact people. So lately I’ve been thinking about being at a baptism, at specific investigators’ baptisms, and how good they feel, and how good I feel, and what the change means for them, and I want to be there so bad. It makes me tear up a little when I have that vision because I want that so bad for the Mendiolas, for Kay Hebert, for so many who just need to take the last step. That’s what I have been thinking about when I extend baptismal dates or bear my testimony lately with the hope that my efforts will be worthwhile and effect change in people’s lives.

I’ve been reading the reader’s edition of the Book of Mormon by Grant Hardy….didn’t realize he lived within my mission in Asheville! I have read another book by him. Maybe if I ever serve in Asheville I will hunt him and his wife down and try to have lunch with them so I can thank him. It’s been cool to start on that book, it’s the book of mormon not in verse form and with subnotes of journal entries, stories, and testimonies of people who took part in the translation process. (approved by the mission btw). I am excited to get into it deeper.

OK hope y’all have a wonderful day. Love you!!!!

– Sister Victoria Hale

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March 9, 2015



This week has been Opposition Week. The best thing that happened is that Kay Hebert set another date for her baptism! March 28th. The biggest thing for her is that we hope her husband can baptize her, we think they are doing awesome though and that they will keep pushing forward.

A lot of hard things in every aspect of the work… Big goal for me has been to find more joy every day and to be more sincere when I get to know people and teach them. I found this in D&C 11:

12 And now, verily, verily, I say unto thee, put your trust in that Spirit which leadeth to do good—yea, to do justly, to walk humbly, to judge righteously; and this is my Spirit.

13 Verily, verily, I say unto you, I will impart unto you of my Spirit, which shall enlighten your mind, which shall fill your soul with joy.

I want to help people but sometimes it’s hard to really feel engaged and sincere. I try my hardest and I hope I can have it all catch up to me soon. BUT more than that I hope it will catch up to our investigators, too. The promises of obedience to the gospel are huge, and after the trial of our faith we obtain. The promise of having the Spirit speak comfort and enlighten our minds is the biggest blessing that we should always be seeking. Obedience to our Savior is where we become who we truly are and is the only way that all these doors are opened. We are imperfect but as we will to be perfect, if that is our desire, the change will come.

Love you all!!:)

– Sister Hale

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March 2, 2015!


Last week was transfers, it was the funnest and saddest one so far!! Mostly fun and awesome!

We had to be there early for the training meeting. My brand new missionary is Sister Verdejo from Alpine, Utah! She is seriously beautiful and I’ve already had to defend her from the local lonely old men. I hate it when we talk to someone for an hour and it’s going pretty well, and at the very end they say something creepy so we can’t go back and they wasted that hour. BUT we’ve had lots of really good experiences so far, too! I am so grateful to have someone right out of the MTC because she’s really close to the Spirit and has an awesome attitude.

Oh back to the Transfer meeting. Sister Godlewski (my trainer) and Sister Rindlisbacher (2nd companion) both went home, and also Judge Charles Herman went to the meeting!!! I sat by him. Sis Rindlisbacher and Hermana Collier and Sis Smith did a musical number that I accompanied…without much practice it went pretty good! I think it was awesome for Judge to be at that meeting and hear over 20 missionaries bear their testimonies. Afterwards he said “I’ve never seen so many grown men cry in my life.” haha. He doesn’t open up much but I think it impacted him and that he was really glad to get to say bye to Sister Godlewski and Rindlisbacher.

My goals for the transfer are to become an empathic listener, to have better studies than I’ve had/be able to focus every day, and to be more obedient in the little things. Who knew that would be so hard? It’s pretty hard. But you learn so much from having to submit your will over little things to God as much as the big things.

Sister Verdejo has been able to see the ups and downs already. On her first night, we had 2 really calm and good lessons, and the next day she invited the Wingerters to be baptized and they accepted for the 21st. We asked them to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet, and they said “Well he was. We just have the feeling.” Woo! that doesn’t happen often. We had 4 families who were planning on coming to church so we were really pumped, and then …. none of them came. The Wingerters woke up to go to church and went to their old one instead! haha. We went over to talk to them and they loved their church, so we just listened and validated their experience. We didn’t know what had happened beforehand so we brought the Restoration DVD to watch with them. We asked if we could watch it and they said yes. Afterwards we asked how they felt about it, and Charles said he feels like he knows Joseph Smith was a prophet, but there was some confusion because he thought you had to be born Mormon to be a Mormon….like he didn’t get that he’d still be a normal person haha. I didn’t know where to go so I said “I’d like to share a verse in the Book of Mormon that has really helped me” (i had no idea what verse to use) …I just turned to a page and started reading, and then realized it was in Alma 32! So I skipped a few verses and talked about planting a seed and doing an experiment, and I asked Charles if he had done the experiment. He said he had prayed and read a little….”so you watered it for a day do you think?” He said he probably needed to water it for a little longer and that he’d start reading more. I think they will be fine and I hope they venture to our church soon!

As for the Mendiolas and Kay and Jen&Joe….haven’t heard why they’ve been missing church. So we have a lot of work to do!

It’s so fun to have a new missionary!! Hope I can make things fun for her and not too stressful. She is doing awesome so far.

Love you all! and GO BYU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Sister V. Hale

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