March 2, 2015!


Last week was transfers, it was the funnest and saddest one so far!! Mostly fun and awesome!

We had to be there early for the training meeting. My brand new missionary is Sister Verdejo from Alpine, Utah! She is seriously beautiful and I’ve already had to defend her from the local lonely old men. I hate it when we talk to someone for an hour and it’s going pretty well, and at the very end they say something creepy so we can’t go back and they wasted that hour. BUT we’ve had lots of really good experiences so far, too! I am so grateful to have someone right out of the MTC because she’s really close to the Spirit and has an awesome attitude.

Oh back to the Transfer meeting. Sister Godlewski (my trainer) and Sister Rindlisbacher (2nd companion) both went home, and also Judge Charles Herman went to the meeting!!! I sat by him. Sis Rindlisbacher and Hermana Collier and Sis Smith did a musical number that I accompanied…without much practice it went pretty good! I think it was awesome for Judge to be at that meeting and hear over 20 missionaries bear their testimonies. Afterwards he said “I’ve never seen so many grown men cry in my life.” haha. He doesn’t open up much but I think it impacted him and that he was really glad to get to say bye to Sister Godlewski and Rindlisbacher.

My goals for the transfer are to become an empathic listener, to have better studies than I’ve had/be able to focus every day, and to be more obedient in the little things. Who knew that would be so hard? It’s pretty hard. But you learn so much from having to submit your will over little things to God as much as the big things.

Sister Verdejo has been able to see the ups and downs already. On her first night, we had 2 really calm and good lessons, and the next day she invited the Wingerters to be baptized and they accepted for the 21st. We asked them to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet, and they said “Well he was. We just have the feeling.” Woo! that doesn’t happen often. We had 4 families who were planning on coming to church so we were really pumped, and then …. none of them came. The Wingerters woke up to go to church and went to their old one instead! haha. We went over to talk to them and they loved their church, so we just listened and validated their experience. We didn’t know what had happened beforehand so we brought the Restoration DVD to watch with them. We asked if we could watch it and they said yes. Afterwards we asked how they felt about it, and Charles said he feels like he knows Joseph Smith was a prophet, but there was some confusion because he thought you had to be born Mormon to be a Mormon….like he didn’t get that he’d still be a normal person haha. I didn’t know where to go so I said “I’d like to share a verse in the Book of Mormon that has really helped me” (i had no idea what verse to use) …I just turned to a page and started reading, and then realized it was in Alma 32! So I skipped a few verses and talked about planting a seed and doing an experiment, and I asked Charles if he had done the experiment. He said he had prayed and read a little….”so you watered it for a day do you think?” He said he probably needed to water it for a little longer and that he’d start reading more. I think they will be fine and I hope they venture to our church soon!

As for the Mendiolas and Kay and Jen&Joe….haven’t heard why they’ve been missing church. So we have a lot of work to do!

It’s so fun to have a new missionary!! Hope I can make things fun for her and not too stressful. She is doing awesome so far.

Love you all! and GO BYU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Sister V. Hale

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