March 23, 2015


This week our ward had a baptism!! Halie Cartwright (21) and a younger girl. Halie is awesome, the Elders taught her but we’ve been able to help a little and see how she’s grown….she says she wasn’t ever taught that God loves her and I think that is the biggest thing she has felt while studying with the missionaries. She started coming to church a little over a month ago and it’s been hard on her family but they’ve softened a bit since then, and Halie felt ready so she just went forward. Bishop Laing got baptized when he was young, and he is really adamant that the family understands that their kid joining the church should not be bringing them apart…that it is something that will bring their kid closer to them, will build their character and their love and service to their family, and if it’s having the opposite effect, to let the bishop know so that they can figure out what needs to change. I hope her family will see the positive things that have already come to her. The Rullmann family in the ward has really helped her, it’s awesome when members get to take part in teaching someone.

Talk to ya later!

– Sister Hale


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