March 30, 2015


It’s getting harder to write weekly emails… sorry they are getting shorter and shorter! I get used to the mish grind and stop thinking things are exciting so then I feel like I have nothing to write about…but really I do so I need to just revamp my enthusiasm or something!

Here is an exciting story! We were leaving to go to Kay Hebert’s lesson and I felt like we should go back and get our The District 2 dvd so we turned around and got it…and then we showed her a clip of it at the end of the lesson. (The District is like missionary reality tv / training videos for us). We showed her the video of the Robles Family, which shows their progression and being taught and then their baptism in like 5 minutes, and at the end Kay was in tears and said she really needed that, and now she’s more determined to get baptized on the 18th of April. Her big roadblock is nightshift work…which makes it hard to come to church. But she and Danny (he’s a member) came to Sacrament Meeting yesterday so that’s good!

We got back in with the Mendiola family, too! They haven’t started coming back to church yet, but Kathy requested that we come and do a study with her kids, so that is a big step forward.

Y’all probably don’t remember Jerry Ogle, but we found him a couple months ago. He calls us "My Mormons!" and "My Sisters!" and he is an awesome grandpa-type investigator, but he’s really hard to see regularly. We went over to his house this week and he wasn’t there, but we got to talk to his wife, who is ill and house bound. It was awesome getting to talk to her before he got there, she warmed up a lot and it reminded me that I’m here to help people and serve them. My mission is teaching me to visit the lonely. It is so sad when people don’t get to talk to anyone all day because they’re all cooped up! We can’t forget the people who are lonely.

Thought from women’s General Conference on saturday….find quiet moments to learn and pray and ponder. Set aside a time every day to pray…study things out in your mind and especially pray about the things that burden you or take away from your peace.

Love you all! I will miss getting with the Hale family and hope you have a good time celebrating Grandma’s life. Talk to you later 🙂

– Sister Hale

photo: #ladiesnight #RS!

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