April 6, 2015


This week a lot of good things happened!

We found 13 new investigators (woo!) and one of them is named Seven. not steven but seven. We had appointment to see him Friday at seven (sly) and it fell through BUT we saw him Sunday and he is great! Sad thing is that he moved to Loudon outside of our area between our first and second appointment, so we’ll have to turn him over to those Elders.

A family we found is the Courchains (sp?), they have a handful of kids and the dad is a preacher at a Pentecostal-ish church. First thing that happens when we sit down for the lesson, Brother Courchain asks us why we are teaching if we are women and the 14 year old son proceeds to pull out all those Paul scriptures and stuff about Adam and Eve (oh Paul!) (oh 14 year old boy!) (oh humanity!). They also have a big Father/Son/Holy Ghost trinity objection and basically the men in the family were really argumentative while the women were really sweet and attentive. Sister Courchain had read from the Book of Mormon between visits and said that as she read, she felt a growing desire to be close to God and she felt her faith growing. We asked her what it would mean to her if the Book of Mormon was true, and she said “I guess it would mean my whole life has been a farce…” We told her she’s been guided her whole life, God takes us step by step. I hope she and the girls keep reading and the boys and men will soften their hearts. I am soooooooo so grateful that we view Adam and Eve the way we do…hope we can get through to them as we teach the Plan of Salvation this week.

Biggest miracle is Leeann! She was driving through Loudon and saw the Elders walking and pulled over and asked if they could come to her house. Since she lives in Sweetwater, they gave us her information and we went and saw her Saturday. She is so hungry for change and to understand God–she didn’t even know what church we were from, but she said it just hit her that she needed to talk to those 2 boys. She’s 44 and NORMAL and I feel like we are real good friends with her already! She came to the church for conference yesterday and I am pumped to teach her. We’ve been praying for people who actually want to be taught by us so that we are using God’s time well.

Ummm conference was great! I loved Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning sessions. I feel a real empathy for the Prophet and Apostles and leaders of the church, rather than the frustration I used to feel. I understand how hard the questions are that honest people have and also how huge the opposition is from antagonistic people. I’m grateful for the greater peace I feel now. Still have questions, but they don’t feel as awful as before. I liked Elder Oaks’ sayings of not taking a keyhole view of things but to consider on the broader truths and plan of God. I loved Elder Wilford W. Anderson’s talk…it filled me with peace. Following Christ is the absolute goal of our lives. Everyone’s life. And we don’t even have to believe he was real at first….even just thinking of the concept of a perfect person and following that vision is a wonderful place to start. There is nothing to lose in seeking perfection. And light will follow.

I love you all!!!! Thanks for the emails and letters and love and prayers. It has helped me be motivated!

ok xoxo bye.

– Sister Victoria Hale

pics: me and Leeann at the church, me and Sis Verdejo

IMG_0561 IMG_0569


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