April 13, 2015


This week was fun! Saturday we had a big service project at Knox Park in Athens. Bro. Lindsey was in charge of it and he had the whole community involved…a few other churches and boy scouts and random people. They had organized a lot of rebuilding and beautifying projects…painting, planting trees, making a giant xylophone or somethin and a dog park and all kinds of little things like that. So they put me and Sister Verdejo on the tree-planting crew. We planted a lot of trees and things were going good, UNTIL I walked over to the stack of packaged bark to grab a box cutter knife. Apparently someone had leaned a rake against the stack with the pointy side up, which resulted in a Tom & Jerry moment for me…I stepped on the rake and the handle came out of nowhere and whacked me upside the head. Umm yeah it hurt a lot. Even worse, there is a big bump. Sister Lindsey put some kind of essential oils on it? and it felt better.

I have been thinking about that experience… and of course making a life parallel with it. My first reaction, right as it happened, was anger. It wasn’t my fault that I got hit in the head, I was doing something good, just trying to plant some trees and help Al Gore and the environment a little bit! It wasn’t fair. I felt anger, and then embarrassment…looked around to see who saw it (just young Ethan Lindsey…he didn’t laugh at me like everyone else did so that was nice of him), and after that I felt the lump on my head and the pain. But after about 30 seconds I was able to laugh at myself, and people gave me tylenol and hugs. Sometimes in life we step on a rake….it wasn’t our fault and it comes out of nowhere. We feel anger and embarrassment, we look around to see what people think, and it hurts and we wonder why that happened to me if I was living my life good! But maybe that unexpected burden or trial is what God needed to put in your life to help you change and become the person He needed you to become. Maybe a divorce or losing a child or a loved one was the reason you are here…that trial is what made you (or will make you) who God wants you to be. You gain greater strength, empathy, beauty, and capacity through the trials of your life. Also there will always be people around you to support you and give you tylenol and make your burdens lighter (if you let them!).

All right my head hurts, I’ll let any of you take the metaphor further if you so desire. Hope you have an awesome week! and DON’T LEAVE RAKES LYING AROUND FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO GET WHACKED IN THE HEAD.

love you all!

– Sister Victoria Hale
11320 Station West Drive Ste. 101
Farragut, TN 37934

victoria. hale@ myldsmail. net

photo: it’s green!!!

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