April 20, 2015!


First off. forgot to mention that we are officially getting ipads MAY 28TH!!!!!!!!!!! be excited.

Second…….Kay got baptized! 🙂 What a great lady. She is someone we’ve been teaching since before I got here. It was Saturday at 2:00 and Bishop Laing baptized her and then confirmed her the next day. She invited her friends Coco and John to the baptism…they are so lovely!! They are from England and Coco reminds me of Jennifer a lot. Hope we get back with them and they start coming to church! Coco did family history and has a great great great grandpa who was a General Authority, I think a member of the 70 back in the day. ANYWAY, the service went really well…Heather Hansen gave the talk, Heather has been a good friend to Kay while we’ve been teaching her and it was an awesome talk on baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. Kay has a big Christian background, her parents were traveling missionaries, she has a brother who’s a pastor, so she has had a ton of questions along the way. But she’s been really good at sharing the restored gospel in little ways with her family.

Church yesterday was wonderful. The new Elder, Elder Houghton, and a recent convert, Tricia Stevens, gave talks. Elder Houghton told the ward that the Sisters weren’t getting fed in his….haha I had a horrified look on my face. BUT we’ve had 2 meal offers since then so I guess it worked! Trica gave an awesome talk on the resurrection of Christ. I think half the room was in tears. She told about her mom passing away and that at the time, she felt such darkness and emptiness, but now she is filled with hope.
This has been a super long week…trying to remember things. Tons of little miracles this week!
Monday night we taught the Mendiola’s how to hold a weekly Family Home Evening. And it went really well! It has been almost impossible to get through a lesson over there for over a month, so that was a miracle.
We are teaching this 30ish year old lady named Danielle. It has been a blessing because she tells us how she is grateful for the things we teach. She has quit the drug life but everyone around her/in her home hasn’t and she is struggling with how they live and treat her. That girl can put a smile on her face even when her life is terrible. That’s made me wonder, why aren’t I more cheerful like that? I don’t have to deal with half of what she goes through. hmmm.
OH there was a kinda big miracle. We just started teaching the Courchaine family not too long ago, and they have come to the church for activities 3 times this week (mom has come to one of them, the dad hasn’t, but the adult kids and younger kids have). SO the first one, Tuesday, was a Relief Society activity that the 4 of the girls went to, including Mom Courchaine. After, as we were eating refreshments, Dory gets a phone call, so we gave a church tour to the girls. Then Dory and Sister Hansen joined us to tell us that Dory’s niece, who is LDS, was the one on the phone with Dory, and had called to tell her she had been thinking about inviting someone to see the Indianapolis temple open house and felt impressed to invite Aunt Dory and Uncle Tom. Right when she happened to be at a Mormon church for the first time!!
Since that time we are not so sure if we will keep trying to teach, so that is a little sad. The girls seem sincere, but the guys are trying to bait us. We had a lesson after Kay’s baptism with the girls and one of their friends from their church, and Bishop Laing and Sis Laing joined us…it was awesome/terrifying to see Bishop in that lesson, haha. Sis Laing was patting his leg to make him calm down. Basically he told the guy friend they brought, that the Sisters are there to teach the sincere in heart. When the Journal of Discourses was brought up, Bishop said “I don’t know why Brigham Young said that, and I don’t care, because I’m not accountable for what he said. He’ll have to account for that to God, but I won’t, and I don’t have to account for it to anyone else, either.” He said a lot of other things to help us regain control of the lesson, and we just bore our testimonies and closed and let them leave. It was pretty obvious from the start that his “I’m searching for the truth” was not truly sincere. I think the family is meant to be taught, just not sure how to go about it at this point in time.
What else. I have felt a greater weakness in myself lately. Trying to work on Christlike attributes and turn to prayer more readily. That is a big key to having personal peace, I think…to be working on something. That way, even if you aren’t perfect, you know you are trying, and that is exactly what you need.
I am grateful for what I do because I am learning to be a truer disciple of Christ, and trying to help others become the same, even though I myself have a long way to go.
OK gotta go. I’m proud of Tansy!!! wooooo. and happy birthday to Olive. everyone stay safe! 🙂
– Sister Hale
some pics…first one is fuzzy but this is Sammy Wiseman at pie night. My favorite child in the world probably. Then it’s us with the Courchaine’s…the batman boy Thomas reminds me a lot of Mason! he does that weird eyebrow thing. Then it’s us with Kay and Danny Hebert…then at a Special Olympics event with Channing…then at Kay’s baptism 🙂 great week and wonderful people!

IMG_0580 IMG_0586 IMG_0591 IMG_0595 IMG_0600



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