May the 4th, two thousand fifteen


There is so much I want to share about this week. I am close to being done in Athens (possibly) and I am so very amazed at what has taken place here. With other people, members and nonmembers, but mostly myself.

So many times I am so frustrated with my testimony and understanding God….I wonder where the evidence of my faith is and how to know that I know the things that I believe, and how to always be guided by the Spirit. …it’s tricky. I’ve gotten past a lot of my confusion/doubts of church history and sorted through a ton of the details, for the most part. I fight against my doubt because I believe God is guiding me, a little at a time, and if I just endure through the harder times and am patient, that God will let me know He is there again. This week I had an experience where God worked through a person and the Spirit to let me know He is there. It is an experience that I cannot deny and one I will never forget. Funny thing though….it hasn’t magically changed me or made me more diligent, that is a choice I still need to make. Laman and Lemuel experienced miracles, but didn’t follow it up with a change of heart. Alma the Younger experienced a miracle, an angel of God came to him just like to Laman and Lemuel, but when Alma tells the people how he knows God is real and Jesus is the Christ, he says it is because of his fasting and prayer and the Spirit of God (Alma 5: 45-46), not because an angel came to him and told him to repent. Miracles don’t produce faith….we produce faith, by our actions, by prayer, and by the changes we make in our hearts and lives.
Love you all. Make a list of your burdens, pray, act, and see if God takes care of them 🙂 He will.
have a great week!
– Sister Hale
pic 1 is Charles White and Frank! at the old folk’s home. The others are just beautiful Tennessee.

IMG_0613IMG_0614 IMG_0626


One thought on “May the 4th, two thousand fifteen

  1. Oh Victoria, I love this entry so much and needed it so much today. Thank you for your faith and service and example to us all. I will try to get another letter headed your way, I know I need to repent about better missionary letters. 😀
    BTW I absolutely love that barn picture!

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