May 18, 2015


Hello all!

It has been a wonderful and fun week. We had a zone training meeting on Tuesday…I liked it because at first I hated it and was tired of missionary meetings and not really having a good attitude about having to role play…but the last training really helped me. It was about obedience and the Elder who taught it was really humble so it made me feel open to wanting to improve rather than getting annoyed (I really have a bad attitude sometimes…need to change!). We talked about obeying out of love and that as you go throughout your mission, it is something you can learn, you won’t be perfect at the start and that is why we are out here for 18-24 months. Each missionary has their own weaknesses…for some it is harder to wake up at 6:30, for some it is harder to be on time to studies or to talk to people…so don’t be self-critical, but still desire to move forward and turn the weaknesses into strengths.

SO we got transfer call, and I am leaving….so is Elder Larsen… and I’ll be a sister training leader somewhere, which means I conduct exchanges for all the sisters in a zone with my companion, and teach at zone meetings. At first I wasn’t excited (out of laziness…) but I think it will be great! I love getting to know missionaries and I get lazy when I am in the same routine for too long, so this will help me.

Thursday was great! We had dinner with Sister Carter’s brother and sister-in-law and they are now investigating the church!! We like them a lot. They came out to pie night on Friday and we had a lesson with them yesterday that also went well, and they said they feel they are on the right path and that we have helped bring them joy. I have an awesome video of their pug dog chasing its tail around and around.

Thursday we also had tennis night! None of our investigators showed up, it was us and the Elders and Bishop and a couple other people, but I learned how to play tennis! I love it!!

Saturday we had an intense lesson with Jerry Ogle and Brother Pitcher…by the end we were all friends again though 🙂 We taught from the Sunday School manual about Christ’s church in former times. A lot of people don’t realize Christ set up a church before he died, and Jerry didn’t either, so it really helped to go back to the New Testament and take it a little slower. I am so grateful we found Jerry!! I will miss teaching him so much!

We got to go to stake conference in Ooltewah (right outside of Chattanooga) and that was great. They gave a lot of good counsel to married people, about making the happiness of your spouse the most important thing in you life, behind the Savior, and to give up whatever is holding you back for the sake of your relationship with your spouse…whether that be too much tv, laziness, pride, pornography, lack of communication, lack of prayer…to give that up and go back to the basics. For families and individuals. It made me want to be a better prayer….more consistent, more sincere.

Well you will find out where I am next week!! someone predicted the Asheville North Carolina zone so now I’m kinda used to that idea….we’ll see!

Love you all! 🙂

– Sister Hale


pic 1: This is the family that is crazy enough to drive half an hour at 9 pm to bring us food and say bye to me. Craig, Sherlene, & Sammy Wiseman:) made my week!

pic 2: evidence that Jillian is awesome (if we needed any)…she writes me every week!

pic 3: Sister Warren

pic 4: Tricia!!!

5&6: touring Mayfield

DSC00166 DSC00169 DSC00158 DSC00144 DSC00118 DSC00115


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