May 25, 2015



Been a great week! I am now in Waynesville, North Carolina just about 30  miles outside of Asheville. So far things are great, I tried to meet as many of the members as I could on Sunday. We are focusing on finding new investigators and trying a few things with the ward council over the next month…I’m excited!

I just want to share 2 assignments 🙂
Daily process of becoming perfect:
  • When you get up in the morning, examine yourself to see whether the Spirit of God is with you (are you happy, excited for the day, ready to serve, peaceful, confident, full of faith? or are you afraid, grumpy, selfish, feel dark, feel weak?). If you feel those negative things, pray to know why, what to do to change, and for strength and peace.
  • At night, review acts and words of the day and ask God if there is anything you need to repent of (big or small)
And the promise is that if you do that for a week, you’ll be a lot happier and excited for your future and feel your heart changing. 🙂
We have some fun things coming up! A full mission conference next week in Farragut. I’ll let you know how it goes! Love you all!!! 🙂
– Sister Hale
The Moses’s, Jerry Ogle, Brother and Sister Peterson, Halie C, Sister Verdejo, Sister Hansen, new companion Sister Beckstead!

DSC00174 DSC00192 DSC00196 DSC00199 DSC00212 DSC00214 DSC00183DSC00220


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