June 8, 2015


Another good week and not as long as last week so that’s good! We are finding new ways to get members involved and have had some good lessons with members this week. We had a great Testimony meeting and Lillie and Waver came again! They are an older couple who have been taught for a while…Waver is hilarious to me. I love getting to know the people here.

We had our first exchange this week! I was with Hermana Challman……I love singing hymns in Spanish!!! Maybe someday I’ll finish learning that language. I stayed in Waynesville so I got to drive and learn the area a little better.

I kinda can’t think of anything else that happened this week….

Follow Christ’s example! Read the Book of Mormon! It will help you change and give you hope!

have a great week!

– Sister Hale

look who showed up to our mission conference to say hi last week…it’s Judge!!! (from LaFollette/Jacksboro) He is doing great.

DSC00232 DSC00224


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