June 22, 2015


I am so happy!!! Awesome things are happening:)

This transfer I have really been able to work harder and smarter than ever….definitely worthwhile to see the results in the way I feel and in what’s happening with our investigators and the ward. There are so many good things that will happen and that we will recognize if we just give a little extra…give our all to whatever it is we are doing!

We had Waynesville’s first monthly pie night on Friday….it was awesome! Definitely feel closer to the members here, and they love going to extra activities, there were a lot more that came than we expected. We called SO MANY people and ended up with several members who came, 2 nonmember friends, and other members who haven’t come to the church in a while. That lady who lives right next door to the church (i wrote about her last week) came and just clicked with a lot of the ladies. She came to a RS activity the next day and now her husband has also met a few members. At pie night we invited Brother Breeden to sing and play his guitar….that was also fun for everyone. Just a fun and casual night:)

We are trying new things with the ward and it’s exciting! I feel an urgency to see as many people as I can every day. We set a goal to talk to 10 people a day and get a new investigator every day, so far that has pretty much happened. I got re-motivated after exchanges with my MTC companion Sister Trommlitz…got to spend a day with her in Murphy! She is very upbeat and ambitious and I got some good ideas from her.

I have definitely seen God’s hand in my life and the lives of others this week. It is awesome to see how things end up fitting together!!

I am really pleased with the progress of Lily and Waver. They are an older couple, and they were both in pain this week, Waver took a couple falls and has just been getting weaker. Previously they hadn’t progressed much, mostly just gotten visits but not teaching, maybe the missionaries thought they were just too old. But this transfer they have come to church twice and we are working on Word of Wisdom with them. Waver LOVES church. Waver asked if he could get a blessing, so we brought over Brother Sasser and Brent and it was really peaceful. Afterwards Lily got a blessing too, and they both felt a lot better. Sister Beckstead pointed out that if we hadn’t taught them the Word of Wisdom, we wouldn’t have taught them about Priesthood blessings, because that’s when it came up (in the pamphlet). Earlier in my mission I would do more visiting than teaching because it seemed like that was the best approach to gain peoples trust / not offend them, but teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ is really what people need….that is really what will help them the most. Waver was also blessed to be open and humble to God’s guidance and the things we are teaching him.

Quote of the week:
"Remembering, rather than experiencing, moves us toward greater independence and insulates us from the vicissitudes of the moment." – Teryl Givens

I am feeling so blessed this week in remembering all that has happened. The work is hastening in this area and it is sweet to me….there are too many things, just in this week, for me to write about. I love having my heart and soul molded into someone more like the Savior. We all have a long way to go but the process is worth the effort.

Love you all!!! 🙂 pray for those families of those who were shot this week…breaks my heart.

Have a great week!

– Sister Hale

picture: I like living in Waynesville…it reminds me of Grandpa every time I see a road sign. had to take a picture by the sign for Grandpa Wayne Burke’s 80th birthday:)


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