20 July, 2015!


I was gonna ask y’all what kinds of things you want to hear about every week….and then Jillian had already told me to write more about the people we teach and the things we do throughout the week. I feel like I don’t get into a lot of detail sometimes but I will try to do better!

So I will start with Monday of last week. Sunday night I felt like we should text a lady we had met once, we’ll call her K, and then she texted us back and asked if we could call her right away… Apparently her ex-husband had tried to commit suicide and was in bad condition, and she just felt horrible about it….and for some reason she trusted us to talk her through it, so we tried to help her calm down and sent her some scriptures to read later on. We didn’t hear from her for a while until this morning. She texted us and told us she felt a lot better and really wanted to come to our church and get her kids in church, and she thanked us for helping her!! Grateful we remembered her, there are so many people we meet once and never get to see again so it will be good to meet with her again.
Monday we also got to meet Andy & Allison….I love them!!! They referred themselves after going to Salt Lake City and talking to missionaries there. Andy was in the army or air force or somethin with a Seventy and has known a few Mormons throughout his life. He says it is a little freaky how positive and upbeat everyone is, that he couldn’t be like that, and asked if we are ever allowed to have a bad day………haha. We told him yes and shared a story with him of how we had been struggling earlier in the day and had to take a break and figure things out. He is wanting to understand how he can feel like he has purpose and told us that when we go home, to know that we made someone’s day better by what we do, and to tell ourselves we have purpose and to be grateful because our lives are “perfect.” It surprised me and makes me want to grasp more fully what blessings I’ve been given….really my life isn’t perfect but compared to a lot of the world, I am pretty blessed with the things I have and with where I am in life…….I am happy to be who I am, most of the time, which is a blessing.
We met with them Thursday as well……….might have to back-track a little because Andy had ordered the White Handbook (guidelines for missionaries) from Amazon and read the whole thing…….apparently he thought everyone who joined the church had to go on a mission and live all those rules, haha.
Tuesday I went to stake correlation, which includes our stake president and President Griffin and the zone leaders and a couple others over missionary work. Wednesday was Zone Conference and Sister Trommlitz and I did a training on Diligence. We need humility to recognize our weaknesses, idleness, or disobedience, and desire to change and improve. We need repentance to renew with the Lord our decision to serve and to make resolves. Diligence is a conscious effort to carry out our responsibility with persistence, care, creativity, obedience, and charity. Diligence is a hard thing about missionary work……..cuz you’re almost always tired. I liked this quote though: “There is the pain of working hard and the pain of regret.” Either way it will be painful so might as well kick yourself and get to work. I love the feeling at the end of the day when I know I have done everything I could that day with a willing heart.
Thursday was my year mark!! Woohooo me! Got to spend it with Sister Linford on exchange, she came out the same time as I did. Our companions bought us twix!!
Oh I need to dedicate a paragraph to my new companion. Her name is Mykena Draney from Bountiful, UT and she is being trainer-broken (by  me!). We have pictures together now but they’re all bad so we’ll wait on that…..ALSO we were doing family history, and my great great great grandpa William Poulton is her great great great great grandpa!
Saturday we went to a Relief Society activity and an investigator came! We are having pie night this Friday and we’re putting on a fireside Sunday night……..entitled “Come Unto Christ”….pray for us!! It should be good, we have some good plans and ideas for it, we are assigning a few members to focus on something throughout the week and share their experiences Sunday night.
Hope you all have a great week!! happy birthday tansy and happy pioneer days!!!! 🙂
– Sister Hale
p.s. just saw comments from Aunt Cheralyn and Lucille and Leeann Turner from a while back…..thanks, love you all!! 🙂
1: Smoky mountains
2: harvestin’ souls. this is how we do missionary work in the south
3: happy life

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One thought on “20 July, 2015!

  1. Rachel Hale

    Sister Hale!!! I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I wanted to tell you, I thought of you on your year-mark day, because that was also Calvin’s birthday! He was born the day you left for the MTC. 🙂 see you in six months!!

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