27 July, 2015


this was an action-packed week!

Monday we had a great lesson with Kaden….and he set a day to be baptized! It will be in September because he needs permission from one of his parents. We absolutely love that family though, we have lessons at the grandparents, the McClure’s house, and they are the sweetest family you will ever meet. They fed us dinner and the kids made a menu for us, very southernly adorable so I took a picture. I have gotten used to having 10 sides at meals!!

Tuesday to Wednesday we had exchanges so I was in Waynesville with Sister Gifford! I have been focusing on charity this week…I want to be able to actually help people, to teach them what they need, not just teach lessons. I want to truly care about people and serve them in little ways. This week we have run into a few situations where we have been able to comfort people and give them the service they need, and that feels good.

Thursday we helped at Haywood Christian Ministries! We shelf and box food with a bunch of older people from the community.

Friday was District Meeting and me and Sister Draney gave the power principle training on Baptism. Every meeting it seems like there is a new “most important thing” to focus on so it’s a little overwhelming sometimes to remember all the things we need to do and teach as missionaries…but really they all point toward baptism and that covenant or promise we make with God when we are baptized, to follow Jesus Christ, serve those around us, and keep the commandments. Without that covenant and commitment, we probably wouldn’t have the same ability to keep ourselves focused on the Savior. I know how naturally self centered I am, and what gets me out of that is focusing on the Savior and knowing that everything He did was focused outward…serving the one, helping those around him, even when He was in deep pain or had been tempted or betrayed, he was focused on helping others and teaching them. The central way we are reminded of this and of our baptismal covenant is through the sacrament every week. If you think about it, the prayers that are said to bless the bread and water outline that same promise we make at baptism….that we will always remember Him, keep His commandments, and take upon us the name of Christ. And the promise is the same that we had at baptism…the gift of the Holy Ghost, “that they may always have His Spirit to be with them.” We take the sacrament weekly to remind us of Christ’s sacrifice and our covenant, because God’s children have always been asked to make and keep covenants, and they have always been given ways to be reminded of those covenants. We can make it meaningful instead of routine as we examine ourselves, maybe that morning or even a day or two before Sunday comes, or even throughout the week as we remember the Savior. 1 Corinthians 11:28 “But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup.”

Friday we had Sister Taylor/Kaitlyn, who served in waynesville for 9 months last year, take us around to see past investigators. She has been our new best friend for 3 days. We are going to start teaching a few past investigators again. She convinced our neighbor Carol to come to church yesterday!!! It was a miracle! we always invite Carol to everything and she refuses, haha. We love her. Friday was also Pie Night/pie-o-neer day. We had a good crowd come out to the church for that and an investigator came!

Sunday was great. We have been preparing for the fireside but our own part just hasn’t been coming together….kinda stressful. But we decided it would come together because we had done our best. And it did, each of the members who shared their experiences and testimonies were very heartfelt and sincere. George Worley, who got baptized in February, and is terrified of public speaking and won’t even pray in front of us, took part in it and we are so proud of him!!!! He shared how the Holy Ghost has comforted him since he lost his wife in December and the whole room was in tears. We had a room full and some visitors so it turned out the way it was supposed to!

Today we went to the Biltmore mansion….a member got us tickets!! Kaitlyn Taylor took us and this is definitely a place mom would love to visit some day……and DaNae would love the gardens. I’ll include some pictures.

Have a wonderful week!! 🙂

– Sister Victoria Hale

victoria. hale@ myldsmail. net


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