24 August, 2015


Hola mis amigas/gos,

Hoy es el dia de preparacion!!!

This was a pretty good week. Wednesday i went in to an optometrist because I have had a vision problem in my left eye that I noticed Monday. Mr. doctor told me I have a PVD, posterior vitreous detachment….which is fatal, there is nothing they can do about it and I’ll have it for the rest of my life! Which I am kind of excited about because I have been able to get people to do nice things for me because of my handicap:)

Tuesday and Wednesday we got to see Andy and Allison. Andy has been stalking me online (I’m sure he will find my mission blog sooner or later…hi Andy!!) and he found an article from the BYU paper I was in, and also some of Brother McClure’s seminary videos. He said one of them had a blonde girl with short pigtails who really got into the music or whatever it was and I said hey that is probably my cousin Kelby!! hahaha. Anyway, he now knows my whole background and all about Oakley and he remembered that he has been to the City of Rocks. His big plan right now is to have my dad baptize him in Utah in May….he told us that and then asked why we weren’t more excited and we said "May is forever away!" haha. I am excited to see how that pans out though, it is awesome he has a plan that is meaningful to him. Maybe he will move it up so that he can go to the temple sooner. We’ll see!:) They are very sweet to us though and gave us donuts and muffins and we like them a lot.

Friday we helped a lady paint a house. This is neat. She is an in-home care nurse for a 10 year old boy who has many mental and physical problems, and she noticed that other nurses won’t go there because the house is kinda dark and sketchy looking, so she is painting it and making it look better and was looking to help the family get a stove and refrigerator that work, all with her own effort and resources. When a pastor in the area found out she was doing this, he got her a stove and refrigerator from the resources of that church. I thought that was a very neat thing for her to help someone she worked for instead of just doing her nursing job and leaving it at that.

Saturday was great, first off because we got back in contact with Walker!!! Walker is a 12 year old boy whose parents haven’t come to church in a while and he was going to get baptized a while back but it didn’t work out. We had a good lesson with him though and brought his mom’s visiting teacher with us, and he came to church the next day with a member who gave him a ride. I hope he can get baptized while I am here because he is so ready!

Saturday we went to lunch with Grant and Heather Hardy. They are in the Asheville ward. Grant Hardy has written a couple books about the Book of Mormon that have really helped me….one is "Understanding the Book of Mormon" and the other is his reader’s edition of the Book of Mormon. In that one he lays it out in paragraph form and it is very neat because you learn things you never noticed before…definitely suggest you all get one because a) the proceeds go to the humanitarian fund! and b) it will definitely be a worthwhile way to study the Book of Mormon. Here is how I met the Hardy’s for those who don’t know, my singles ward bishop Bishop Turley bought me that first book before my mission, and then Mom and Dad sent me the Reader’s Edition, and while I was in Athens, TN I was flipping through it one day and saw that the author/editor lived in Asheville, and I thought hey, that’s in my mission! And then a couple weeks later I got assigned to the Asheville stake. So I found his email address and he and his wife came out to Waynesville to meet us. We went to a Chinese buffet and it was very neat to get to talk to them and meet him. Our ward mission leader is asking if he will do a fireside in our ward so it will be neat if I am around for that.

I read how Dad got hit in the left eye with a football, y’all really need to take care of him better, he’s not as young as he used to be. Glad I have a blind buddy though:)

Have a wonderful week and remember adversity is the greatest!! God will leave us alone sometimes because he loves us and lets us grow during that time….we gotta pray harder, and put action to our faith and hope. Without adversity we wouldn’t have to dig deep and act in faith. We can be purified by sorrow and learn how to look outward in service when we would rather look inward in self-pity. Ask yourself, what am i to learn from this experience? who can I help? What do I need to change? Our fears are disabling and blind us to the opportunities all around us. My goal of the week is to act and work and do the best I can in every opportunity that comes up.

Love you and have a wonderful week! 🙂

– Sister Hale


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