31 August, 2015


Been a good week!

Tuesday we had zone conference in Asheville from 9 to 3. That is a gathering of all the missionaries in the zone, and we get trained and learn things and practice teaching and have a good time. This particular zone conference they installed tiwi’s into all the vehicles….sounds cute huh? Not so cute. That is a little black box that says “check your speed” in a scary voice every time you go over 5 mph over the speed limit or turn too fast….scares the daylights outta me. (I don’t always pay attention when the speed limit goes down to 20. but now I will!) Overall I think it is a good thing because they’ve seen good results in the missions that have them, that less accidents happen and gas is saved.

The focus of zone conference was becoming more Christ-centered. On Sundays at church, when we listen to the first sacrament prayer on the bread, we are promising to remember Christ, take upon us His name, and keep his commandments, that we may always have his Spirit to be with us. That is our covenant with God. We then realize that we aren’t keeping our end of the covenant….we don’t always remember Him or always keep His commandments. So we repent and re-covenant as we listen to the second prayer on the water. That is a prayer of repentance. If we are truly seeking to improve and repent, this is a necessary part of our change from where we are to where we want to be.

Tuesday right after the meeting, we went on exchange and I was in Asheville with Sister Gifford. We had a neat experience of going out with their Relief Society president…we tried 2 people with no luck, and then ended up going to a new-ish member who really needed us and especially the RS president. It is neat when you end up in the right place.

I also had stake correlation with the zone leaders and President Griffin and our stake president in Asheville. Since I am a solo sister training leader at those meetings, Sis Gifford came with me. The big holdup in a lot of missionaries’ wards is working with the ward mission leader, so we are making a plan of how to help the missionaries and ward mission leaders know how to work together and what their role is. After that meeting, President Griffin had a training meeting for all the bishops in the stake and we got to sit in on that. He showed them a video called the “fishless fisherman” about fishermen who loved fish and made a committee about fishing, came up with fishing philosophies, got degrees in fishology, and had many important meetings about fish and yet…..none of them had gone fishing. They didn’t have time because of all their important meetings. Finally a new fisherman moved in, and after an inspiring meeting, he went out and went fishing……..lo and behold he caught a fish! moral of the story: meetings are great but what is greater is to spend more time acting on your plans than planning. There are people we need to reach and influence and bring them back to feel God’s love, and we won’t find them unless we actually go out and do what we say we want to do. People are more influenced by the time we spend with them than the time we spend planning to go see them if we never follow through on that plan. Anyway, President Griffin is an inspiring speaker no matter who his audience is. We love him.

So we had a good lesson with a girl kinda our age named Morgan. We’re excited to see how it goes with her! We found her by finding her pawpaw (grandpa) (did you know people in the south don’t say grandpa? they usually say papp-aw or pawpaw or papi)….anyway, her grandpa was a former and we called him and went to see him and she was there! We like her a lot.

Friday I decided that August has kinda been depressing so I made goals to have a super september!! Wahooey! Friday was also pie night which is always a joy. We had it outside and played the glowstick game……everyone starts out with a glowstick and the way you lose your glowstick to someone else is if you say the word “pie”….so you are trying to get everyone’s glowstick from them. I was the one who explained it and I was also the first one to lose mine by asking Bobby to say a prayer on the pie. We also did the sticky note game….where you have a character on your back and try to guess it by asking everyone yes or no questions about who it is. No one had heard of either of those games and it was fun:)

Saturday and Sunday were great. We went out to Sylva and got to see Robert and Niliu on Saturday, Robert is a member and Niliu is from Indonesia, and they have the cutest puppy named Kempli. They are in their 30s, we love going over there.

Sunday, Allan and Rhonda made it to church for the 3rd time, wahoo! Sister Draney and I and Brother Adler were the speakers. I loved my talk because it was the calmest I’ve ever felt in giving one. I talked about our ward family and building unity, and how we can look in the Book of Mormon to see how we establish the church wherever we are. Looking out I knew all the faces and names except 2 or 3 visitors. I’ve tried to love and serve the members here and it was rewarding to speak to them and feel that love, it made me feel calm and natural instead of nervous.

So we get a text yesterday evening from Allan, “I hope you are both sitting down for this, Rhonda and I both know in our hearts we are ready for the baptism, and wondering what the next step is.” Great text to get!! We were so excited and called our ward mission leader and almost forgot to answer his text. haha. We called him and he said they had been thinking and praying about it to see if they had made the right decision, and “we have.” We set the baptism date for the 12th of September. Hopin we can see them in the next couple days and be sure that we have time to teach them the rest of everything.

OK looks like you get a long one this week. Sorry about that. Everyone have a great week and be awesome!!

– Sister Hale

1: kempli!

2: kudzu…not sure how to spell that…”the plant that ate the South”

3:pie night

4: ariana

5: sis weaver my most favorite person

6: stick of Judah

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