28 Sept, 2015


Wow, what a loong week!

I can’t even remember what really happened. Andy and Allison are back in town! We have been able to spend some good time with them. We have been able to see Waver in the rest home a couple times, he still sings to us. And Lillie has set a date to be baptized! She has been recognizing the Spirit really well and we have been focusing a lot on the plan of salvation. It is cool to me that we have been able to know them because they weren’t really progressing a while back but we kept seeing them, and not only do they crack me up and lift our spirits but there have been a lot of times when she has been really distressed, but by the time we leave she seems a lot more peaceful and cheerful because of the things we read or talked about.

Pie night was Friday and we carved pumpkins! Actually pretty much no one came to the activity BUT Sister Draney and I had fun with the pumpkins still! And there were a lot of great things about the general women’s conference on Saturday. I liked how a lot of it was through the perspective of the plan of salvation…….having that perspective can do a lot during hard times. This life is the time to prepare to meet God and act in faith, not necessarily a time for constant blessings and no trial. I think as members of the church we forget that trials are gonna happen, until they happen, and then it seems unfair or that we have to question God. During the easy times we freely acknowledge and understand that life is about being
tested……and then we freak out when the hard times actually come. There is just as much testing in the church as out of the church. If there were no trials or sickness or unexpected setbacks or even aspects of our faith tradition or history that threw us for a loop, then the plan of salvation wouldn’t really be taking place within the Church. Luckily we have all of those things that help us create ourselves and step forward further in defining our character and acquiring the attributes of our example Jesus Christ. How else would we ever learn faith, patience, how to forgive, how to love?

Pres. Uchtdorf’s talk was good as well, I know I talk myself into being miserable far too easily. “Faith and hope open your eyes to the happiness of the now.” – or something like that. I gotta understand and live FAITH more fully. I like the quote, “replace every fearful thought with an act of faith.” Or every sorrowful thought, angry thought, rude thought, sinful thought, with an act of faith, an act of kindness, a prayer, an act of service to someone who is more in need than you.

Love you all, have a great week!

– victoria
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