5 October, 2015


Rainy week!! Also not too bad of a week. Conference is like vacation for missionaries, finally a time just for you to sit and listen and learn and be renewed. I was so disappointed as I watched because this seemed like the best conference and none of our investigators we invited ended up coming 😦 BUT that’s ok we will make them watch it later 🙂 Usually I look back and can pick out 4 or 5 or more talks that I didn’t really connect to at all, but every talk was powerful and relevant in some way, at least to me. I want to share just some of my favorite tidbits.

– Become a peaceable follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and focus on the simplicity of Christ’s grace
– You cannot separate Christ from His leaders
– What do I need to change? Ask that question and the Holy Ghost will tell you what you need.
– Happiness in this life and the next life are interconnected by righteousness.
– Self-control is like a muscle…the more you use it, the stronger it gets.
– Only your resolve to be obedient can change your life
– Express compassion to those who suffer
– "Doubt not the Lord nor His goodness, for we’ve proved him in days that are past."
– Revelation begins with conversion
– Work without faith is dead <- very true
– Light up those who are dimmed by discouragement
– We need to comprehend the true worth of a soul and recognize people’s divine nature in order to serve capably and mourn with those who mourn
– Teach fearlessly, speak with clarity, communicate from the heart
– Ask God for a knowledge of the Savior and His sacrifice
– A community of Saints to sustain each other causes us to go beyond concepts. We need to serve and the Savior needs a church
– Pondering and memorizing a verse of scripture each week provides an uplifting place for your thoughts to go
– Christ wants us to do many hard things. Hard is good.
– Accept trials with faith….they will be overcome through faith, not through fear or complaint or doubt. Thank God for your trials.
– When you cannot do what you’ve always done, then you do what matters most. Physical restriction can expand our vision.

We also had a good district meeting Friday and President Griffin was there, he had time to talk to each of us and that was good. I think I have til Nov 4th in Waynesville and then I will go to my last area!! crazy! I think a new area will be good for me but that is still a ways away so I gotta make the best of where I’m at right now. It’s hard to be in the same area for a long time…but it is getting so beautiful here with the leaves changing, in the next couple weeks it is supposed to be the prettiest, so we are excited for that.

What else….we got to paint on Wednesday! and we got to watch 17 miracles with Andy and Allison on Tuesday! They liked that a lot and asked questions throughout it about the pioneers and temples and church history. I wish everyone could watch a movie with andy…..it is an experience for sure haha.

OK that is it for now. Love yuns!!

– Sister Hale
victoria. hale@ myldsmail.net

I’m making sis draney drive now!! she loves it! 🙂

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