19 October, 2015


this is kinda two weeks combined.

So went to Farragut 2 weeks ago Tuesday with the zone leaders and Sister Trommlitz for MLC. That is always fun to get to see all the missionaries. Sister Gifford who was in the Asheville ward is now in Athens and also an STL! So I got a little caught up on my Athens people and how they are doing.

Wednesday to Thursday, Sister Murri came to Waynesville with me for an exchange. She came out just a couple weeks ago and it was awesome to get to study and teach with a new missionary, she helped me remember how to have a good study and she had some good insights on some of our investigators. We had an idea to go to one of the recent converts in the ward to help her clean her house, so we showed up in service clothes, but she told us to never come back again 😦 that was sad. She got baptized in March and we’ve been trying to get her back to church ever since I’ve been here. We decided she will probably let us come back in a month or two though. We also had a couple great lessons that night with the McClure’s and George so the day ended on a good note.

Saturday was a highlight of that week, it was George’s birthday! For some reason he wanted to take us out so we surprised him by inviting a few people from the ward to the restaurant. We brought party hats and stuff to the Chinese buffet. and cupcakes! We ran into the McLain’s there, they were there for their anniversary so we gave them party hats too.

Last Sunday was good, we got to teach youth sunday school about media and entertainment, and we taught Young Women’s (all 3 of them!) as well about developing Christlike love. (i love the new YW curriculum by the way). In the afternoon we went and saw Allison, and did a Book of Mormon read in Mosiah 4 where we each thought of a personal challenge and read through it looking for an answer or something that would help us. and then went to the Cronin’s who fed us some awesome chicken enchiladas and apple crisp.

So this past week we had an exchange with the Asheville sisters so I went to Asheville with Sis Hovey!! We went to stake correlation and the main message I got from that was to become the missionary that members have been waiting for to teach their friends. And also that missionary work is as dependent on members as it is full time missionaries, I need to remember that and work harder at getting the ward involved in every possible lesson we teach.

The Hardys drove us back to Waynesville and we all went to jack the dipper together!! that was fun to get to see them again.

OH and a non-missionary but still possibly uplifting event for you all to read about, Friday night was the Tuscola-Pisgah football game, which is apparently one of the top high school rival games in the nation, 13,000+ people attend, and WE GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!! And we didn’t even have to pass out cards or wear a skirt! George’s son is on the team so we got tuscola t shirts with his number and last name. We were so pumped. They were tied and then Pisgah won in overtime so that was sad but it was still a good game. We watched it with George and Bro Wood and cheered for Keely in the marching band and it was FREEZING cold. Since then it has been freezing, we had frost on our windows this morning.

Well that is about all. Me and Sister Draney have made long lists of things to stop doing or start doing and we had a fast yesterday to start a 40 day fast from those things that get in the way of being guided by the Spirit. so far so good! only hard thing is we have to repent every night of the things we messed up on. It will end on Thanksgiving day BUT if we are sincere then we will permanently improve!! I am excited for a change of heart.

I like writing out my week because sometimes the days and weeks are discouraging and lonely and hard, but when I look back, really all the good things that happened make it all right. I hope I can spend more time being grateful and happy and letting things happen as they happen. “Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday, and all is well.”

that is all my words of wisdom for the week…..use them well!

– Sister Hale
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