26 October, 2015


This week started out with an exchange in Asheville with Sister McNeill!! It was awesome! She is fun to teach with. We tried meeting a couple unknown members and we got in with a lady who seems really cool! Hope the sisters get to keep seeing her. In the evening we went to a Family Home Evening at their bishop’s home with a few ward members. I haven’t been to a family home evening or really been in a lot of nice-feeling homes for a long time, so that was a peaceful and fun night. I would like to serve in the Asheville ward!!


Friday we went out to Sylva with Sister Adler and had an awesome lesson with a lady named Rhonda (different than the rhonda from before). She has been a member for a long time but hasn’t been to church in 20 years…..we have been meeting with her and we have become good friends and she seems to feel the Spirit while we are there. She has been reading verses we will leave her. I shared with her Friday how I made a decision to commit myself to the church, and it influenced so many areas of my life and helped me love people and have more gratitude. She said she will come to church this next Sunday on my last sunday here (and hopefully after too!) Helping people remember their testimonies is as important and awesome as helping people join the church in the first place. I try to remember the most important things are the way we love, serve, and remember the Lord, not numbers or statistics or lessons taught in a week. And it is never about me or my abilities but figuring out how to be humble and recognize that every good gift comes from Christ, and if we are given a gift or positive attribute or blessing, we need to remember where it came from. That helps remove competition and pride and envy. All good things come from Christ and we can find joy in any good thing that anyone has been given.


Saturday was Zone Training Meeting and that meant me and Sister Trommlitz gave an hour long training on “Teach people, not lessons.” It was a good one to study for and think about. We talked about asking ourselves why we do certain things….why do we pray with people at the beginning and end of a lesson, why do we teach them, why do we leave them with a commitment? It’s not to be able to count it as a lesson but to have a learning experience that invites the Spirit to teach them and allows them to act between our lessons as well. President Griffin gave some good counsel to us all in that meeting. One thing I liked was “Cynicism creates numbness toward life”, meaning that when we become scornful, negative, bored, tired, or prone to criticize, we lose our gratitude and peace and joy and love towards everyone around us.


I am so grateful I got to stay here in Waynesville NC, one reason is that it is BEAUTIFUL out here and the leaf change between last week and today has been amazing. I will send some pictures. Love you all!! Do the little things, find personal quiet time to pray and read from the scriptures and be taught by the Spirit. Be your best self. Have a great week!


– Sister Hale


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