2 November, 2015


What a long week! We had a good exchange with Marion, I went there with Sister Mackelprang. That area is so busy and they are doing so well with the work! It made me want to become a more expert planner. We taught a lot of neat people and it was fun to be with Sis M, we came out at the same time.

Thursday we went out with Sister McClure and stopped by several members that we haven’t met, not all of them were home but we did meet a new lady that we actually tracted into a few months back, she just didn’t tell us she was a member at the time:) She said we can come back though so we were excited we got to meet her. We also stopped in on a member Fred who hasn’t been to church since high school and invited him out to church. I was super bold and told him to just be courageous and come and he won’t regret it!

Friday was the Fall Festival/ ward activity! They had it all decked out and decorated and lots of games for the kids. The Cagle kids came!! We spend a lot of time with that family.

Halloween was pretty uneventful…..we were to spend it with members or other missionaries or ourselves, and since we are stranded in no man’s land with no miles, we had chili cheese dogs with a member and then watched mormon messages at the church for 2 hours. ha.

I found out I am for sure leaving Wednesday to a new area and I will be training a new missionary. I will miss people here but ready for a change of scenery. Also, turns out when you are leaving you find out that people like you! I had to say the prayer in every meeting at church yesterday cuz I’m leaving. I got a lot of hugs. It’s weird to leave people who have become so familiar to you and have to show up at a different church with unfamiliar faces the next week. And a new companion after being with Sis Draney for 4+ months.

Oh oh and that Fred guy ended up coming to church! He stayed for all 3 hours. Also rewarding is that Rhonda, who also hasn’t been to church in many many years, came for Sacrament meeting. She said next week she will stay a little longer. Also rewarding is that George passed the sacrament for the first time!! We were proud of him. He is the one that got baptized in February. It was a good Sunday to end Waynesville with.

Okey dokey that is all I have for now. I am tired all the time and I hope to feel that way the rest of my mission if it is from working hard and being obedient.

Love you all!

– Sister Hale

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