November 9, 2015


So this week was transfers, I had to say bye to Sister Draney and all my friends:/…… I am now in the Pellissippi ward right in Knoxville. Wednesday at the meeting, I received my new companion who came straight from the MTC, her name is Sister Skinner and she grew up in Las Vegas and Utah. She is doing super well and always seems to have a smile on her face. She is really eager to help people and she is always grateful for everything. They call it whitewash training when you get a new companion and go to a new area, so far it has been awesome and we have done our best to meet as many members as possible. Also we have made a zillion phone calls, we have 9 set appointments this upcoming week with either investigators or members so it will be a good week!

One cool experience we had, after a dinner appointment it was about 7:15 and very dark outside already, and we don’t know anyone so we didn’t know who to go see. We had a missed call from a member but we were gonna call them back later so that we could find someone to teach before it got too late. We had a little prayer to know where to go, and asked if we could teach someone else before we had to go in for the day. After the prayer Sister Skinner felt like we needed to call that member back so we did, and found out that we had an appointment that we were late to! If we wouldn’t have called back we would have missed the appointment. It was the Stewarts and they were at the Fleisch family’s house for us to teach them with them, but we had no idea about it, so we hurried over and didn’t really have time to prepare at all but had a nice lesson on prayer and committed the family to pray every day, and the Stewarts bore their testimonies. We were grateful we got to be there.

There are TONS of members in the ward. Well, to me at least. I keep saying that and Sister Skinner will say it’s a small ward. I’ve been in 50-80 people wards or branches for more than 15 months so it’s still kinda culture shock to be here. And I am in a lot of traffic and tons of stores and restaurants and malls….. And the houses are HUGE and beautiful and nice and it is culture shock. It’s definitely an adjustment but I figure I will learn as much here as anywhere else I’ve been, even if it’s out of my comfort zone for now. We also live in a nice house with 2 other Sisters, I feel pretty spoiled. So far everyone has been very welcoming to us, we have been invited to have dinner with people several times, and we have met with the new ward mission leader Brother Christiansen a few times. We were at their house last night, and he and a stake leader gave me a blessing for my fatigue. I feel like I will get the help I need.

I am right around the corner from the mission office, well a few miles, but you can still send mail there.

Sister Victoria Hale
11320 Station West Drive St. 101
Farragut, TN 37934

We have been thinking about how to prepare members (or ourselves really) to share the gospel. If we want to be prepared to share the gospel and sincerely testify of how following Christ has blessed our lives, we can first evaluate our daily prayer. Is it happening, is it meaningful, am I sincere? Evaluate your daily scripture study. Is it happening, do I learn, do I feel the Spirit, am I teachable, do I change because of what I read? And prepare to take the Sacrament next Sunday with a willingness to follow the Savior. These are the simple things that bring the power of the gospel into our lives and gratitude for what we have. We have been asking all the members we see which of these 3 is hardest for them and their families, and pretty much every time they say scripture study. So then we will invite them to make a scripture study goal. Right now my hardest thing is focusing when I do these things:) so that is what I am working on this week.

Have a great week and happy birthday Jillian and Sarah G and Christa and Uncle Steve and whoever else has November birthdays!!!! Love you all!

– Sister Hale


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