7 December, 2015


This was a crazy week! Tons of good things happening. On Monday, the Christiansen family had us over to share the "A Savior is Born" video with them and their neighbors. We had a good discussion after and everyone shared their thoughts on how the gospel had blessed them, there was a good feeling there. At the end, Sister Christiansen said "These Sisters are always looking for people to teach, would you want to come back and have them share more about the church and the same things our son is sharing on his mission?" And they said they’d like to. We are excited to teach them!!

We have had luck finding other people to teach, too. A lady ordered a Bible online so we brought it to her and asked if we could come back and share a Christmas message….she said yes!…wasn’t there for her return appointment (who ever is?) but we will try her again 🙂

Saturday we had the chance to be in a parade with the Hardin Valley ward and the Elders in our district. President Griffin bought us all santa claus hats to wear and we handed out candy canes with the "A Savior is Born" cards and invitations to the stake Christmas choir devotional next week. We stapled these together, over 300 of them, and ran out about halfway through! So we started handing out normal cards haha. We had a little bit of a setback….apparently they had gotten the float all ready the night before, and then it mysteriously disappeared/ was stolen! so we used the back of a truck to put Mary and Joseph and the manger in. (2 youth were dressed as Mary and Joseph). It was still nice though and kinda symbolic that they didn’t get a fancy inn/ float but a simple stable/ truck.

So the craziest part of the week, I was on exchange with Sister Trommlitz in our area and we had 20 extra minutes before a dinner appt. And by the way the whole day had been awful and no one was home and it was raining. So towards the evening we had that extra time and decided to pull into a gas station and get some gas. We noticed a lady standing there and wanted to go talk to her…..so we did and turns out she was having intense chest pain and needed a ride to the ER, so we were able to do that and stay with her. She was really worried and wanted us to stay with her so we did for 3 hours. She got admitted over night but she is doing better now! It was cool to see how an unsuccessful day was actually just us being led to the right place at the right time to help this lady. We missed our appointment with the

Just remembered other good news…Edie brought us to a cocktail party, woohoo! Edie is in our ward and knows EVERYONE in Knoxville….she is over public affairs for the church in this area and is also a big event planner, so she thrives off making people connect and is great at missionary work, she is always taking us around to meet people. So the party was a "toys for tots" Christmas party that one of her friends put on. We ended up being able to invite a few people to the Christmas program for next week, one or two are planning on coming! (don’t worry mom i didn’t drink anything).

Well even with all the good things going on it is kinda wiping me out…. wish I had Gretchen’s enthusiasm right now! There is so much to do and I feel like I am dragging….. luckily Sister Skinner is patient with me!! How do you apply the things you teach people all day to your own life? That is the question of the week. I did love the Christmas devotional though and it helped some. The promises of the Christ’s gospel are huge and generous but they take willingness on our part to accept God’s will and follow his guidance.

all right gotta go, love you all!

– Sister Hale

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