January 12, 2016


This will be short!

This week was a good week, we are finally getting a little busier and have more appointments to bring members to. We went out with Sis Rainey (RS president) one night to drop in on a potential investigator named Kathy who is Unitarian. That was a fun one! They are a church with people of all different beliefs (God, no God, Buddhist, Christian, all sorts of diverse beliefs) and they get together and do service and their goal is to help everyone with their own spiritual journey. At least that’s how she explained it to us! We had planned to share a portion of an Uchtdorf talk with them, and it actually went perfectly with what we were talking about, loving others and loving ourselves despite our differences. I shared how I don’t know everything but my belief in Christ and God has brought me strength and peace, and asked if they wanted to have us come back and share our beliefs. She said no but she did say she would check out our church service sometime! They are actually 2 churches up the road from our own church building. The cool thing from that lesson is that we really felt like the 17 year old daughter in the room felt the Spirit as we shared our thoughts together.

We started teaching our Ward Mission Leader’s son’s girlfriend Annie! The son is on a mission. We have already met her several times and she is super sweet and fun, she wants to learn more about what Austin is doing on his mission. We talked about faith, how God speaks to us through the Spirit, and started the Book of Mormon with her. It was nice to have a lesson in a member’s home!! A ton less distractions, and the Christiansen’s have a good feeling in their home. I haven’t gotten to do that a lot on my mission.

Last cool thing, we decided to send an email to the ward council Saturday afternoon telling them 5 appointments we have set up for the following week. Also sent them a picture of us with a dog. And they loved it!! Bishop Kah had everyone open it up in ward council and we spent the whole time going through the email and talking about who could go with us to the appointments. They want us to do that every week, it seemed to make ward council go a lot smoother.

Oh and today is PDay because yesterday was Zone Conference. They made the departing missionaries bear their testimonies and I didn’t really want to but I did anyway. I am grateful for the way my mission has taught me to visit the lonely and empathize with those in pain. I think a lot differently about people than I used to………through my own painful experiences that have ended up to be a big blessing in doing this work.

Love you all!! Don’t forget to say your prayers;)

– Sister Hale


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