18 January 2016!!


Crazy day!! We have been in the smoky mountains and then we were about to email but got a call that a member is in the hospital so we headed right over there with Brother Puckett! Luckily the timing was perfect that we could go over there, it’s Sister Paul that we’ve been visiting, I sent a picture of me with her last week πŸ™‚

Wednesday we had a good evening with the Clemons. Edie is our super missionary enthusiastic friend and Allen is in “reduced participation” with the church, as he puts it. We love them both!!! We had a self reflection lesson of things we honestly believe, things that cause us to doubt, and moments of spiritual peace in our lives. We each wrote about this for 15 minutes and then shared our thoughts. It was cool for me….this is what I did a couple years ago when I was having a harder time with the church, I wrote it all down and it helped me sort out where I honestly was. Writing this time helped me see how far I have come!! Not that a whole lot has changed, just that I have found new ways of looking at things and found greater stability. There will never be a time in our lives where we won’t have questions but we find out what works for us, what is meaningful in our lives, and then we can decide we’re here for the good parts.

This was honestly a great week, we have had so many members go out with us and been able to go out and visit more people. Oh and 4 of our friends who are investigating the church came to church yesterday!! We had a great lesson yesterday in the Bryce’s home with 2 of their family members’ friends, both of the girls (16 and 20something) haven’t grown up in very religious environments but they have been coming to church with the Bryce’s….Tara had never prayed in her life so we started there and at the end she said the closing prayer! and tonight we are having a lesson with Annie again at the Christiansen’s. Love all the friends I am making every week and the difference they make in my life. I have been working on a new attribute every day with my companions and it has helped me have a greater desire to change and have a softer heart. D&C 12:8.

Ok gotta go!! I will send pictures of us in the Smoky Mountains πŸ™‚ it was an 11 mile loop with tons of old log cabins and barns that have been preserved. We also got to go inside of this old Methodist church built in 1902. Love the history of this area!! P.s. 10 more
days…..y’all be excited!! πŸ˜‰

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