last week! 25 Jan 2016


Wow what a fun filled week. I can’t really remember what happened at the beginning of it so I’m going to work backwards and see if that helps.

This morning I had my departing interview with President Griffin! So now I can go home. I am proud of myself for making it!!! (almost). At the beginning of my mission I was so sure I would never last a whole year and a half…..but I did it! very grateful for being helped along the way. You always think a mission will be awesome because you’ll be happy and feel the Spirit all the time but actually it’s pretty hard…….but I’ve seen over and over that right at the breaking point, I get exactly what I need to keep going. Sometimes the words of a hymn, or something someone says, or a perfect moment in a tough week.

Sooooo it has been super cold and it actually snowed! Knoxville got it a lot lighter than other areas in our mission but all the school kids got 3 snow days and they shortened church yesterday….had all 3 wards meet at 10:30 for just Sacrament Meeting. Ohh ok now I remember the beginning of the week. That is when Sister Skinner started to not feel so good. She has been on medicine that makes her pretty sleepy and very loopy, so that has brought some variety to the mission life. I am going to miss her and Sister Beckstead a lot!! but they will miss me even more!;)

We ended up having another great week with our friends we are teaching. Great moment was when Chuck had an Aha moment of realizing that the thing he needs to do is ask God about the Book of Mormon. He has been taught for a long long time and trying to get an answer about the church, but has had a problem understanding Joseph Smith’s role in it all. But it clicked this time that that is what he needs to do. Another fun thing about the week was our hospital visits….it has happened over and over in the past few months that a less active member will end up in the hospital and then we are able to meet them and become friends! We heard an awesome conversion story last night of the Fairweather couple and how they joined the Church. They have also helped others come into the church, and even though they haven’t been coming in a while, they talked a lot about how it is time to get a different job and be able tp come more often.

Well I think that is all for now. I will see you westerners soon!

Love y’all,

Sister Hale


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